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Our Tours and Adventures... Join Us!



Photos, Videos & Info Galore! 

Then send an email with your contact info to:

so we can get back to you during the Winter 2016/2017 (or check the website)

about what will be offered when we reopen next season.

Thank you!




Scout participation patches will always be available, while merit badges have been discontinued.  However, as long as merit badges are available, they can still be earned--and we have many Jr and Brownie badges in stock.  The groups and scouts LOVED the tours--but they are just too hard for the dogs with the constant stop and go in order to change riders.  Family groups of four or less can enjoy our "Mush Hour"-- and larger groups can enjoy our less costly Kennel Visit Tour.  (Min. age for all tours is 8 yrs.)

**Please Note:    Many people call asking what the prices are...

                                  they are often overlooked for they are in italics below each paragraph.

**Please Note:  Tours with rides always fill up very quickly... we start taking reservations for the next "running season"

                                  on July 1st and they are limited.  Our non-running tours are usually always available. Open dates for

                                  running tours can be found on our calendar  on the "Reservations & Info" page.



KENNEL VISIT                                                 See how real sleddogs live, work and train!KV with two dogs standing

Christina and Allison Gordon with puppies Denalie and Zoomer

Spend a fascinating, fun-filled visit-- about two hours-- with the Herderings and the Huskies.  Our demonstrative family of Siberian and Alaskan Huskies will intrigue and entertain you with their antics.  See where and how the powerful pulling team lives.  Learn about the sleds, harnesses and other equipment.  Hear fascinating dogsled history and lore.  Play with the pups and tease them with your good looks.  Have your photo taken with your favorite Sibe.  Watch a film of the dogs you just met pulling sleds through deep snow.  Enjoy an ongoing presentation about dogsledding-- as detailed as you desire.  Ask a hundred questions!  This tour has been very popular all year and for all ages.  You may also be able to see a dogsled team run if one is scheduled that day. 


Price:  $100. minimum -- covers one to 5 people (but you can bring more.)  Each add'l person over five: $20/ea.  Not really suitable for kids under 8 years old because of the length of presentation and more--but we can sometimes make exceptions..  All riding tours include this entire program.  Usually given from 10 am to noon.   Reservations required.




"MUSH HOURS"                                       ______          ____           No snow, no problem!Snow mushing

See and feel the dogs joyously pull!  Enjoy a two hour kennel visit as above, then see how our excited huskies are harnessed to the sled.   Climb aboard our comfortable touring sled or "dogsled-on-wheels," (named "The Touri") or the ATV (much higher so better view of the dog team) and watch the magic begin when the huskies hear “HIKE!”  Feel the spirit of many paws as you enjoy 30-40 minutes of the thrill of a lifetime.  Your adventure will take you on winding, hilly trails through wooded forests, along historic logging roads and/or through pristine wilderness pastures.  Mike or Linda will drive your sled or wheeled-sled or dog-pulled ATV while explaining mushing commands and skills.  You'll be here about 3.5 hours of learning fun.  It’s an experience to remember!  Especially beautiful during Spring greenery and Fall colors!  


Price:  $195each for two people.  Single person reservation: $275.   Sorry, not suitable for kids under 8-years.   Non-riding participants can sometimes join you for $20/ea.  Usually starts at 10am but Oct & April start times may need to be 9:00 or 8:00 am due to heat.  Reservations required.    Please see FAQ page for restrictions.





"THE MUSHER EXPERIENCE"             _                                                   Learn to mush!

Mike with Mr. Schultz on Musher's Experience run in snowEnjoy more time on the trail with Mike and Linda and their four-legged athletes… mush farther and faster than ever before!  After about an hour or two visiting the kennel where you'll learn to harness and more...  spend about 1.5 hours with the dog team   & out on the trails.  Learn to mush!  Try your hand at driving the sled or wheeled sled —you can do it!  Expert guidance and instruction provided.  Enjoy Maryland’s untouched wilderness and our scenic/varied terrain behind a team of dedicated huskies.  Warm drinks and snacks provided.  A 3.5 to 4 hour experience.  This is the Real McCoy and the Whole Shebang!  They may pull you on a traditional sled, a wheeled sled or an ATV without the engine-- it all depends on what the trail conditions dictate for that day.  (We'll know this the morning of your tour.)


                                                WEATHER (HEAT) PERMITTING.

Price:  $245/ each -- two people maximum;  Single rider: $325.  Sorry, tour is not suitable for those under 15 years (although they can ride along) because of the maturity & strength levels needed to be responsible for the team.  Guests MUST be physically fit.  Usually starts at 10am but Oct & April start times may need to be 9:00 or 8:00am due to heat.  Non-riding participants can sometimes join you for $20/ea   Please see FAQ page for specifics and restrictions, including fitness levels.



"THE MUSHING SPORT"      ...   A MONTHLY PRESENTATION__________                                                                                    Experience, learn and enjoy doggie kisses!

Chelsie and Iggy

FOR THOSE WHO PREFER TO VISIT WITHOUT RESERVATIONS OR CANNOT GET RESERVATIONS OTHER TIMES.   Every month or so we offer a morning presentation at our wooded home kennels for those who prefer just a taste of dogsledding.  You'll enjoy an extensive talk about the sport of mushing including history, sleddog training, breed info, equipment, racing insight and much more.... as detailed and entertaining as the audience permits.  Of course you'll get to meet and hug some fuzzy pups too.  The presentation and kennel tour is open to the public on a no-reservation basis -- but we do start promptly and end on time --  so come for the full experience from 10:00am to Noon.   Dates/times are posted here when scheduled.  It's fun, educational and entertaining!   Presentation only-- does not include a ride.  IF it is cool enough, we try to show a demo of a dog team working and pulling.

Jag portrait behind fence

Price:  $20/ person.   Cash or check only please.

Please Note  this is not  an "OPEN HOUSE" -- (i.e. please do not "drop in" at anytime)... and is not suitable for under 8 years without previous permission-- we are outside listening for two hours.



 2013                 JUNE                  JULY                AUG                SEPT              OCT      

                      Thur-20th            Thur-11th         Thurs- 8th            none           Wed-  9th    

                                                   Thur-25th         Thurs-15th                              Sun - 13th


 2014                 JUNE                  JULY                AUG                SEPT              OCT      

                                                                                                                             Weds- 8th

                                                                                                                              Sun-  12th   




"TRAINING RUNS WITH THE TEAMS"  ___                    Indepth and Behind the Scenes!

Join us for a training run and learn the techniques for training a dogsled team.  Both physical and psychological training runs start in early September after the dogs "sat around all summer."  Just like human athletes, they lose muscularity and endurance.  ("Use It or Lose It!")  They must start the season with speed workouts, distance workouts and weight workouts.... all with command and behavior training sessions.  YATV training run with Toni and Mikeoung dogs need different types of training runs too... and we need to continue training all season.  We, as most mushers, use an ATV because we can take many more dogs to train at once (good brakes for long teams and gas for the hills!)  You'll ride with us on the ATV and enjoy all instruction as outlined in the "Kennel Visit" and "Mush Hours" program above. 

Ever wonder "HOW DO THEY DO THAT??!!"  Then this is the tour for you! 

We usually start at 8am -- Price is the same as the "Mush Hours" tour but the actual running time is usually longer, and we usually run more than one team.  Educational element is "on the trail."  Two people maximum and single riders are welcome without a supplemental charge.  Weight considerations may require riding separately.


                                 DEPENDING ON HEAT AND OTHER FACTORS.

Price:  $150each-- one to two people, four people max.  Not suitable for kids under 8 years.   Non-riding participants can sometimes join you for $20/ea.  Usually starts at 7, 8 or 9am.  Reservations required.    Please see FAQ page for restrictions.




BUS TOURS FOR LARGE GROUPS                 We Entertain and Educate your Bus Tour!

Bus Tour Arrives

Bus Tour Learns About Sleds with LindaLarge tour buses from many areas have visited Husky Power for an hour or two... some bus groups went elsewherein our mountains and some came to our area to see only us!  We're just 15 minutes from interstate 68... passing two good views and restroom stops along the way...  making us an ideal tour destination.  If it is cool enough to hook teams for a more in-depth presentation we love to do so.  Bus tours can be custom arranged in many ways.  

AVAILABLE ALL YEAR......   Price: $10 to $15 per person depending on size of group.

MYW Bus Tour with Linda and Dogyard  MYW Bus Tour with dog team and MikeBus Tour Group Portrait with Linda



GROUPS AT YOUR LOCATION                                 Love us... All sizes and backgrounds!

AALS Conference NIHWe'll visit your school, special event, corporate meeting, whatever.  We’ll bring a Siberian or two and mushing equipment along with our entertaining and informative dogsledding presentation. Enjoy the show, meet the four-pawed powerhouse, and have all your questions answered in an hour or two (as long as you like.).  We've given many well received presentations both nearby and out-of-state.  We've been enlisted by schools, corporate retreats, professional training conferences, fundraisers and government receptions.  Our last presentation was for NIH at a week-long training seminar, preceeded by two local middle schools.  What variety!  References available.


Price:  Presentation locally $150-200;  Presentations requiring travel quoted upon request. 

Dennett Road Elementary School AALS NIH ConferenceYough Glades Elementary SchoolPresentation at Cash Valley School--kids pulling sled




CUSTOMIZED ADVENTURE        _                                                     We can do anything!
Grandkids in the dogboxJust about anything you have in mind can be accommodated.  A romantic dogsled run with your darling complete with sweets and flowers?  We can do it.  An in-depth learning experience by apprenticing in ourSnow mushing from afar at Nemacolin dog yard?  Sure.  Multi-day packages (without lodging) offering an in-depth mushing experience are our specialty.  How fun!!  Please use your imagination and call or email.  We have orchestrated two engagements on the trail!  See our "News" page for photos of these!

Price dependent on request.





DVD AVAILABLE                 ___________________                   ______ "It's really good!

We are happy to mail a DVD to you showing our programs and dogs in action...  including a slideshow to fun music, a film clip that AARP made about us, and two news segments.   It's great to show gift recipients, family, scouts, etc before their visit... and makes a wonderful item to "wrap" along with one of our gift certificates for a tour!  It's THE thing to own for any reason... visiting us or not!  Simply send us $5 cash or check (for postage and handling) and we'll get one out right away for your viewing pleasure! 

Accident Elementary School   Yough Glades Elementary School   Dennett Road Elementary School





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