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Spend a fascinating, fun-filled hour or two with the Herderings and the Huskies.  Our demonstrative family of Siberian and Alaskan Huskies will intrigue and entertain you with their antics.  See where and how the powerful pulling team lives.  Learn about the sleds, harnesses and other equipment.  Hear facinating dogsled history and lore.  Play with the pups and give snacks if you like.  Have your photos taken with your favorite Sibe.  Enjoy an ongoing presentation about dogsledding -- as detailed as you desire.  Ask a hundred questions!  This has been especially popular during the summer months.
Price:  $50 minimum -- up to 5 people.  Each additional person over five $10.  Under 10 years old half-price and under 4 free.



See and feel the dogs joyously pull!  Enjoy a kennel visit as above for about 30 minutes; then see how our huskies are harnessed to the gangline.  Climb aboard our comfortable touring sled (or "dogsled-on-wheels" when there’s no snow) and watch the magic when the huskies hear “HIKE!”  Feel the spirit of the paws as you enjoy 20-30 minutes of the thrill of a lifetime.  Your adventure will take you on winding, hilly trails through wooded forests, along historic logging roads and/or through pristine wilderness pastures.  Mike or Linda will drive your sled or "dogsled-on-wheels" while explaining various mushing commands and skills.  It’s an experience to write home about!  (Two adults and one child maximum and/or 300 lbs maximum weight per sled.  Anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.)
Price:  $100/one person; $70ea/two people; $30/child 4-10 years.  Sorry, not suitable for kids under six years.



Spend a half-day with Mike and/or Linda and their four-legged athletes… mush farther and faster than ever before!  After about an hour visiting the kennel (as above, yet delving even deeper into the intricacies of the sport), spend approximately three hours with the dog team out on the trails.  Try your hand at driving the sled—you can do it!  Expert guidance provided.  Enjoy Mountain Maryland’s untouched wilderness and varied terrain behind a team of dedicated huskies.  We’ll have a few rest breaks with warm snacks for both people and dogs.  This is the Real McCoy and the Whole Shebang!  (Maximum two adults or one adult and child.)
Price:  $175/one person;   $115 ea/two people;  $50/child 8-10 years.  Sorry, tour is not suitable for kids under 8 years.



We'll visit your school, special event, corporate meeting, whatever.  We’ll bring a Siberian and mushing equipment along with our entertaining and informative dogsledding presentation. Enjoy the show, meet the four-pawed powerhouse, and have all your questions answered in about an hour.  If the situation allows, we’ll bring along the whole team and give everyone short rides as well!
Price:  Presentation only $100; Presentation and rides: dependent on situation and location.  Schools: Huge discount always.  Off-season?  Reduced rates throughout the spring, summer and fall!


Just about anything you have in mind can be accommodated.  A romantic dogsled run with your sweetheart, wine and flowers?  We can do it.  An in-depth learning experience by apprenticing in our dog yard?  Sure.  Overnight trips snow-camping by dogsled?  How fun!!  Please use your imagination and call or email.
Price dependent on request.



NO SNOW?  NO PROBLEM!  We can use our custom designed, wheeled dogsledding cart for your mushing experience during those non-snowy days.  We use the same harnesses, ganglines, etc.  The dogs are just as excited to run.  The big difference is the lack of snow... but the scenery can be better--especially during fall colors.  It must be cool enough for the dogs though.  Packages are all the same as above, just add wheels!



We'll be spending two long weekends a month at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA offering "Mush Hour" on their beautiful golf courses and wooded trails.  Nemacolin will handling their own reservations and maintain their own pricing system.  Please call them directly to reserve:  1-800-422-2736 or

1-724-329-8555.  Website:



If you'd like to see an internet video of our dogs in action, and/or have your own personal DVD sent to you, please see how on our "Reservations and Information" page.   They're all really well-done and such a joy to watch!





Husky Power Dogsledding

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