Hi folks,   Wanted to thank you for a great time on our dog sledding tour.  Wesley and Bradley had an experience of a lifetime and not to mention an experience for their parents too, riding on the ATV and taking great pictures.  We really appreciate all your kindness, showing us a wonderful time and giving us better knowledge of Husky’s and sledding. Tony and I thank you for our ride in the sled and hope your still providing rides come our 25th anniversary in a few years, we will have to come up for a treat and take the full ride ourselves.  Bradley fell asleep with a picture of Iggy in his hands and he held it the whole way home and now has it by his bedside.  So thank you for making a 16 year hold very happy, which is hard to do sometimes.  We look forward to seeing you some time soon.  Sincerely,  Jennifer, Tony, Wesley and Bradley (Washington, DC 10/31/2009)


Hi Linda, Col. Mike, Toni and our four-legged friends,      We wish to thank all of you for a wonderful visit.  We all couldn't stop talking about everything we learned and the experience of watching our four-legged friends do what they were bred to do.  The hard work, dedication and care that goes into sharing this experience with us non-mushers is truly appreciated.  It was truly an adventure of a lifetime and we are making plans to visit Baltimore for the dog sled races. Thank you again for everything and we hope to visit again in the future.

                Nancy, Lori, Kieran and Josh (Virginia, 10/11/2009)


Dear Colonel and Mrs Herdering,  THANK you so much!  The girls loved your dogs and the sled ride... and we learned so much from your great presentation!  Everyone had a favorite memory to share at our meeting.  This was the best trip we have EVER taken and one they will NEVER forget!  Scout Leader Suzanne  (Virginia, 11/25/2008)


Linda/Mike,  That was such a great day!  I had a ton of fun, learned alot and have 22 new friends!  Thanks, Kathy.  (Maryland, 10/20/2008)


Hi Linda and Mike... we were just down with you guys on Nov. 15 and had probably some of the youngest children that have ever been allowed to go dog sledding.  I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic time!  I knew that dog sledding was a work out for the dogs and the musher, but I had no idea of the physical strength that it took to handle the dogs and maneuver the sled.  The two of you made it amazing and also kept it interesting for the younger children.  We will be back when my two youngest are a bit older.  Everyone really learned alot.   Thank you both so much,  Shawna  (Pennsylvania, 11/25/2008)

Dear Linda & Mike,  Cannot thank you enough for introducing us to the Husky Power extended canine family!  We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you and cannot stop talking about all we learned and the amazing dogs.  We also appreciated the gear you so generously provided for us.  You were both wonderful guides and obviously love your "work."  We will bring the rest of our family soon!  Best, Jan (Washington, DC, 12/12/2008)


Linda & Mike,  Thank you both so very muSh for such a wonderful experience!  Between you both and those 20 beautiful dogs... I have a feeling you haven't seen the last of us!  And thanks so very muSh for the wonderful photo you took of us... we can now share our awesome tour with our family and friends.  Dawn & John  (New Jersey, 11/20/2008)

Dear Mike and Linda,

I must say a great big THANK YOU to you and Mike for allowing us to come out and visit the dogs. Jacey was so happy. She loves dogs more than anything. I have put together a little video of our trip and I thought that you might enjoy seeing it.   I enjoy making videos of all of our adventures and you can feel free to watch any of them if you wish.    Again thank you for the happiness that you brought to Jacey!         Jennifer Kleiner and Family (3/3/07)

Hi, Linda & Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for our day with you and the pups.  I think I told everyone who would listen that we were going dog sledding!  Believe me, I got some interesting comments!  I cannot get you out of my mind nor the wonderful day spent with all of you.  You were so nice to our friend, Kae, for her 60th birthday.  We enjoyed the educational portion of our day and the ride was so exciting.  I especially liked the time spent with the dogs – by getting to know them and having interaction.  They are loved so much – and it is so apparent.  Your dedication to this sport is truly amazing and a real tribute to the profession.    We wish you both continued success and we look forward to seeing you in November.   Best wishes, Pat & Ray  (4/10/07)


Hello Linda and Mike:  

Please accept Diane's and my thanks for an incredible experience this past Saturday.  We are still talking about it, and telling our friends what a great time we had.  Please know that we were not there just to go for a ride on a dog sled.  We are dog lovers who wanted to experience the beauty of these magnificent animals, and share in their love of what they do.   Learning about the history was fascinating as was some of the other aspects like the different types of harnesses, how different dogs are placed in different positions on the team, etc.  The scenery was beautiful too, and the snow certainly added to the experience.  Anyway, thanks again for a day I'll never forget.  I hope to do it again.   All the best to you and your wonderful dogs.  Give Zsa Zsa a kiss for me.   Larry Heischober   (4/11/07)


Hi, Linda and Mike.
Thanks for our kennel tour Friday afternoon.  We had a nice time and learned so much!  Your dogs are practically people... and very strong "people" at that!  It was a pleasure to see such a well-run operation, too.  This is obviously your passion.  Thanks for sharing it! 

Connie, Charlotte and Maureen  (3/28/05)


Dear Linda & Mike,

Thank you so much for the great "mushing" adventure!  We were thrilled with the ride and glad the local bear did not cross our path!   Mike was a wonderful teacher and a wealth of knowledge.  Meeting the dogs and sharing "kisses" was a very special treat!  We hope you have a great, snowy winter season. 

Susan & Ralph Balwin    (7/11/06)

Linda and Mike,     

I just wanted to  thank you and Mike for the wonderful day on Sunday with your family.  We  Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, Mike, the pups, the birds and chipmunks too...You guys seem to have a lot of fun and we loved the home and business you have created for yourself and the pups...I'm sure it's a lot of work...Your passion, and enthusiasm for your pups touched us and I'm sure touches so many of the people you guys meet. You're doing good work and you're both great educators...Thank you.   Sincerely, Mike and Juliet Wiech   (10/9/06)


Dear Mike & Linda,

Thank you so much for an awesome time at Husky Power.  That was the first time I have ever driven a sled dog team.  That was alot of fun!  All the dogs were so good and trained very well.   That was the best birthday present I have ever had!  I did learn alot--I have read many books but they can't tell you how it is really like to drive a team.  And that moose info was cool to learn as well.   Thanks again for a nice trip.  Emily Thomas


Hi Puppies!  Iggy, Gunny, Smokey, Blackie and all the rest of the team!  I enjoyed that ride with you!  You all are very good dogs and well cared for too.  Keep Linda and Mike out of trouble!  I hope to see you again.  For Gunny:  Be good Gunny.  Learn alot from your friends.  You did very well.    (12/17/2006)


Hi Linda,   

My friends and I had the opportunity to visit your kennel with your husband on Monday.  We just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time and we learned so much!  Mike was funny, informative, and interesting!  We all came because we wanted to play with your dogs but we were excited to learn about the history of dog sledding and the equipment you use.  I really enjoyed the DVD with the news clips and the slide show.  We spent most of the afternoon talking about which dogs we like the best!  We all had a different favorite.  My personal favorite dog was Iggy because he was so beautiful and sweet.  Thanks again for offering such a wonderful experience!  We have all agreed we will be back in the fall or winter to go on a run with the dogs.      

Laura Smith   (7/18/06)


Hi, Linda. 

I just wanted to tell you and Colonel Mike how much my family enjoyed our visit with you.  It was definitely the highlight of our week at Deep Creek.   We'll be trying to  arrange a visit in the fall for a ride on your chariot.  Have you read the book Animals in Translation?  It's about a woman whose autism has helped her understand animals and vice versa.    That's all for now -- except, please give Indy an extra scratch for me.   Cheers,   David  (8/28/06)

Dear Mr. Mike and Mrs. Linda,

I had a great time visiting the dogs.  My favorite part was when we got to go into the dog kennel.  I like all the dogs.. but Smokey, Iggy and Thunder were my favorite.  Thanks for teaching us the basic commands for mushing.  I thought the jokes were really funny too.  Sincerely,  Taylor Hoch   (8/25/06)


Dear Mike,

A belated note of appreciation for the fine hospitality shown to the Eichers when we visited your kennels, not to mention the outstanding video.  Dave still talks about the dogs even though he observed from outside the fence!  Hope to see you both later-- best wishes for success!  Very Respectfully, Bill Eicher   (9/5/06)


Mike & Linda,  

I wanted to write and thank you once again for showing us a great time on Saturday. Our expectations were not just met...they were exceeded! Andy and I both fell in love with the dogs, although that was pretty easy to do. Their wonderful dispositions are a credit to all the hard work you put into their training.   I've attached several photos (and we have lots more). Please feel free to use them if you'd like. I shared them with several co-workers and at least one has already said she plans on calling you.   Thanks again!   Evynn Blaher (2/7/07)

Hi Linda: 
I just wanted to echo what David said - we had such a blast! You guys have really done a great job creating a comprehensive program, complete with news clips and a slide show! And the dogs were just wonderful! I grew up with huskies, and to say that I am a fan of them is an understatement - so to have the chance to interact with 17 of them on one day and go on an actual sled/cart ride was really, really neat.  Thanks again!   Caroline Barry   (11/28/06)


Just a quick note that my family enjoyed the ride tremendously! We will be back again. Thank you for everything that you did. The dogs are beautiful. They are lucky to have you both as their "parents." Happy Holidays! -Jennifer Ortiz  (12/1/06)

Hello Linda and Mike,

Thank you for the wonderful presentation and ride on Sunday!  It is obvious that both you and Mike love what you do.  It was such a great
opportunity for the group to see how you care for the dogs, make adaptations, and how you have researched and built a business that you
are passionate about.  Thanks for incorporating many great learning experiences in one afternoon.  The presentation  related very
appropriately to parenting and life experiences.  Best wishes to you, Mike,
and the dogs for the holiday season, Karen Keefer      (2/20/06)



I just wanted to thank you and Mike for a great experience this weekend with the Huskies.  I loved all the dogs and hopefully in the future I will have one just like any one of them.  I didn't realize how much training and discipline it took to take care of them, but I can definitely look forward to keeping on top of all of those to keep my own Husky happy and healthy sometime in the future.  Once again my family and I had a great time and we appreciate the experience.  I hope your Husky training is going well and good luck to you both.    Thanks again!  

- Kyle Jenkins    (1/9/07)

Hi Linda and Mike,
Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had on Thursday.  We learned so much and had a blast!  You made the experience very personal. 
John really wants the challenge of driving the sled, so maybe we will do it
again sometime.  Madchen the Wonder Schnauzer went nuts sniffing my ski pants when we got back.  She was sure there was a husky in there somewhere!  Thanks again,  Paula and John  (1/14/07)

Mike and Linda:  

Thanks so much for the adventure.  We really enjoyed it and are already planning to set up another trip with you.   We really appreciated all the information you gave us about dogsledding and the dogs.  We had a great time!!   Thanks also for the pictures you sent us.  I will go through my pictures and see if any of the dogs turned out.  If so, I will forward them to you.   Thanks again.   Debbie and Curt  (2/18/07)


Linda & Mike,
We want to thank you SOOO much for the wonderful time on Saturday.  It was truly a memory we'll never forget (though we'd definitely do it again!)  Thank you for pictures also - they're great!  We hated rushing out of there - - as I would have LOVED to spend more time with the pups!  I've already talked to Kit about doing it again (but making it a weekend stay out of it!)  Well again, thank you SO much for the experience! 
DeAnna Rash  (2/20/07)

Thank you so much for the pictures and the tour. We had a wonderful time!  You both are an inspiration and your love for these dogs is so evident in everything you do with them and for them.  Hailey put herself to sleep reciting the names of all the dogs but couldn't remember one. None of us could.  So the million dollar question is ... what is the name of Mr. Handsome (biggest paws, next to the queen).  Thanks again, and have a blessed day!  Dawn McGrain   (2/21/07)

Hi Col. Mike and Linda,

It was great meeting both of you and spending a fun-filled weekend at your beautiful home in the woods.  Hope you and the dogs continue to do well.  Respectfully,  Brad Hettlinger    (3/3/2007)

Dear Mike and Linda,

Thanks so much for opening your Husky Power facility to our family last Saturday morning.  We all enjoyed it so much.  We appreciate your sharing your enthusiasm, knowledge and love of your dogs and your craft with us. 

Sincerely,  Mary Anne Springer