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Pictures, Video and Poetry -- Explore Dogsledding!


Essay soothing the pain of pet loss, Author Unknown:  "Rainbow Bridge" ....   RainbowBridge

Ms. Kyla Boivin: "The Dogteam's Grace"

We're only given this life to dance in the light.
With the dogteam's grace to carry us on.
Countless miles slipping by/beneath the runners/beneath my tired feet/beneath the dogs tireless paws./
And our blood, muscle and bone/tied together/ with ropes, snaps and wood;/tied together/with strands of purest love,/ So strong they defy all logic/all reason.
And together the dogs and I/we go on forever/ beyond the sunset/ Past the end of the world.......


Poetry written by a former tour guest and new friend of Husky Power Dogsledding, Ms. Jan Rivers, Germantown, MD..

"Beginnings"  ...  Poetry:Beginnings

"Moon Song"....  Poetry:MoonSong

"Zsa Zsa's Eyes"....  Poetry:ZsaZsasEyes

"We Are Sled Dogs" ....  Poetry:WeAreSledDogs

  Husky Power Dogsledding Pups HAIKUs ....  Poetry:Haiku

"Symphony" and "A Sister Found" ....  Poetry:SymphonyAndASisterFound





Two professional news segments which aired on network television--see them on YouTube: News Segments from TV


A very nice 3-minute film depicting the Herdering's done by AARP (also on YouTube at:  Film Segment by AARP)


Home footage of Husky Power tours:  A guest learns to mush a 12-dog team with Mike instructing.


More home footage of Husky Power tours:  Our handler/helper Toni learns to drive a sled!





Enjoy lots of miscellaneous pictures of Husky Power tours... most are not elsewhere on this website! 

More will be added to the beginning, here, on a periodic basis.


"Dogsled Crossing" sign at street     

Bandit lying with reflection:  portrait

Smokey and Iggy raring to go... airborne!    Jag and Colt screaming to get going... Colt jumps high!

Guest musher "Brad" and his favorite husky... Iggy  Husky Iggy and his favorite guest musher, Brad.

Dryland Mushing with ATV2-Dryland Mushing with ATV

Scouts with IndyRachel (BIT) with Pup

3-Dryland Mushing with ATV

4-Dryland Mushing with ATV

Snow MushingDryland Mushing

Dryland MushingSnow Mushing

Dryland MushingDryland Mushing

Kennel Visit Ariel View

Kennel Visit Above View

Snow Mushing



Husky Power Dogsledding

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